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Software Products

Microserver (On-Line)[1005]
1 year on-line subscription. An easy to use personal web server. [Overview]  [Datasheet]
Microserver $25.00
eightolives' Go (On-Line) [1012]
1 year on-line subscription. An application launcher.
Go $15.00
Workspaces Desktop (On-Line)[1002]
1 year on-line subscription. Integrated digital design environment. [Overview] [Datasheet] [FAQ]
Workspaces Desktop$25.00
AudioAnalyzer (On-Line)[1003]
1 year on-line subscription. Use your PC soundcard as an audio waveform generator, spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope. [Overview]  [Datasheet]
AudioAnalyzer $25.00

Hardware Products

* Shipping included.

A subscription lets you download, use the tool, access on-line resources and get updates for 1 year. After that period, you retain and can continue to use the last version you downloaded. When you subscribe, we will send you a password via U.S. Mail or email to let you login.

The tools, both on-line and CD, are not currently licensed for export outside the United States. Inquire about export status.


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